For any questions about the range, restrictions, or capabilities please email Ethan@gunclub82gilbert.com

Gun Club 82 Gilbert offers 20 indoor shooting lanes, a pistol bay with 10 lanes at 40ft and a rifle bay with 10 lanes at 75ft with state of the art carrier systems! Our lanes and bays are all well lit for your enjoyment, our carriers also have lighting mounted directly on them to illuminate your target if you need it.

Our range is open to the public and memberships are not required to use our facility however, if you do think that a membership will benefit you, you can check our membership tab for more information on them.

*We do not accept reservations for range time! Walk-ins only!

Feel free to bring in your own Firearms, Ammunition, and Targets if you do not have them we do have a wide selection of targets and 80+ Rental firearms and we are constantly growing our selection to fit our shooters needs!

Range Costs

  • $15 per hour per person.
  • $10 per hour per minor.
  • $10 for each additional hour on the range.
  • $15 for a handgun or long gun rental. You can switch firearms as often as you want for no additional charge. The only time that you will be charged a second rental fee is if you switch from a long gun to a handgun or a handgun to a long gun.
  • Veterans/ First Responder discount (10%) on our lane fees only.
  • Women shoot for free every Wednesday.
  • Targets are $1.50 per target with many to choose from.
  • Eye protection is $3.00
  • Ear protection is $0.50

Ammunition Restrictions and Firearm Restrictions

  • Our bays are rated for anything under 50 caliber (rifle), we do allow up to 50AE and 500 Magnum for pistol calibers.
  • Green tips, armor piercing, M855 etc.
  • Tracers
  • Incendiary
  • Steel Core
  • Birdshot
  • Shotguns are only permitted to be used with #2 buck shot and larger, or with slugs.
  • Any ammo that we deem to not be range safe will not be permitted inside of the range. It must stay up at the front desk or can be stored in your vehicle while shooting on the range. This is to protect not only our equipment but also the shooters inside of the range, thank you for your understanding.
  • Airsoft guns and pellet guns are allowed as well. As long as the bb’s or pellets are either plastic (airsoft) or lead (pellet/bb gun).

Training Restrictions

Here at GunClub 82 Gilbert we want to be able to provide a quality facility where you can improve all of your firearms skills and become a better shooter and self defender.

  • No restrictions on rapid fire or full auto. As long as you are in control of your firearm and you are using it in a safe and controllable matter you can fire as fast as you want. We welcome all of your full auto firearms!
  • Drawing from the Holster. This is permitted inside of our range (both concealed and open carry). In order to draw from the holster you will need to be qualified by one of our RSO’s before you can do so. This is a fast and easy process that is to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the range. This qualification will be added to your shooter profile so that you don’t have to worry about it again.
  • Transitioning from a rifle to a pistol. If you would like to work on your rifle to pistol transitions you may do so however, you must again be qualified by a manager only. This qualification is more extensive than the holster qualification due to the rifle being unattended on your sling during your transition. This qualification will also be added to your profile so that you don’t have to worry about it again in the future.
  • One handed shooting. Shooting with one hand (strong side or weak side) is allowed on our range however, shooters must still use their sights and are not permitted to shoot past the shotgun line (25ft).
  • Shooting from retention. (Not to be confused with firing from the hip) Shooting from retention is allowed on our range however, due to the skill required to safely perform this technique individuals will need to be qualified by a manager only. Firing from retention is not permitted on our rifle bay, only on our pistol bay. This qualification will be added to your shooter profile so that you don’t have to worry about it again.
  • Shooting from the hip. Shooting from the hip, or hip firing is not permitted on our range, again this is not to be confused with shooting from retention. All shooters must be engaging their sights while they are firing, hip firing is not allowed in order to prevent damage to our range and equipment.
  • Shooting with a Shotgun. Shotguns are permitted with the ammo restrictions listed above. In order to protect our equipment we have also needed to implement other restrictions as well. All shotguns are limited to 25 feet (designated by a yellow line in both bays). Shotgun shooters must also use longer target hangers if they are shooting buckshot in order to protect our equipment. Headshots are not permitted with shotguns in our range to again protect our equipment.
  • Shooting a firearm without a sighting system, or without a stock. (excluding handguns) Any firearm that does not have iron sights or an electronic sighting system cannot be shot past the shotgun line (25ft). This is the same for any firearm that does not have a stock, a good example being mini Draco’s. This is to protect our equipment.
  • The benches in our range are able to fold up out of your way if you are training in a way that it might block your view or get in your way (transitions or holster draw). You are permitted to fold the bench up if you notify the RSO first and also are very mindful of the red firing line that is not to be crossed by any person for any reason. If you are seen crossing the firing line you will be asked to leave the bay for your own safety.