Women’s Intermediate Pistol Class

The cost of this course will be $100 Per person and our class usually lasts 2 hours depending on quantity of shooters! This will consist of detailed instruction in the classroom and hands on live fire training.

The course curriculum will include the following: 

  • Drawing from the holster and firearm presentation. 
  • Reloads
  • Timed Shooting
  • Weak Hand/ Strong Hand Shooting

Course Dates

  • March 7th 2pm-4pm
  • March 14th 2pm-4pm
  • March 21st 2pm-4pm
  • March 28th 2pm-4pm

You will need to supply your own ammo for this course between 50-100 rounds. Ammo may be purchased in house upon availability. 

This course is not an introductory class meaning it will be expected you know the fundamentals of shooting. If not please see our Woman’s Intro To Firearms course as a refresher!

 If you do not have a firearm, you are more than welcome to rent one of ours for this class. Ammo will not be included in the rental fee.